a b o u t  : 

WE from all creeds, from all nations and all languages, from all ages
and from all walks of Life, are Embracing All Of Life with Loving Kindness...
resonating, 're-minding' and Living The Way
to transcend our global
as we Co-Create our aspired-for Global Peace and Abundance.


   We have our hands full with urgent matters :  

The environment, human rights, livelihood, agriculture,
health, education, business and economics, energy, etc.

The critical status of the above mentioned will not cease,
and will even escalate – as we are recently witnessing in the world –
WE, as the whole of Humanity, 're~mind' ourselves to

NOW more than ever, is the time to shift Humanity's
‘Causal Paradigm' ( our thought process / intent / Will ),
to be in accord with our inherent nature of 'Human~Kindness’.

Human~Kindness to All Life is truly the very key to an organic,
sustainable and joyful approach to transcend
all of our global challenges !!!

Kindness is the reliable ‘compass’ that distinguishes Pure Love
from ‘perception of love’. Love of power, contradicts
the very essence
of Pure Love. Kindness is the defining difference
love of power and the Power of Love.

How Kindness affects us individually and collectively :

K I N D N E S S  ~ appreciation and caring for one another ~
in deed, in word, in thought or intent, changes lives . . .

c o l l e c t i v e l y ,   i t   c a n   t r a n s f o r m   t h e   w o r l d .


When we choose to live in Kindness,
which is Pure Love and Understanding, we will be with
the Divine Flow of principles that are a cause and effect
to each other. The more we Love, the more we understand;
the more we understand, the more we Love.

When we engage ourselves with these inseparable
‘reciprocal principles’, a magnified/magnificent Life of Peace
is effortlessly experienced.

Peace is realized when we live our lives in Kindness,
thus, being in accord or in alignment with our Truth,
which is Pure Love.

When we live and apply the principles of Love, Kindness
and Understanding in our relationships, may it be for our
intimate relationships, families, friends, neighbors,
business and trade, national and international relationships,
local and global environment ... even when we differ
in opinions and/or beliefs ~ WE CAN ‘experience
( bring into reality / realize )  a more Peaceful, Abundant
and Joyful World.

We are all familiar with the principle of 'orchestrated action'
applied when people are lifting ‘something big’....
"On the count of three, we all lift together… one, two...".
With the same principle, let us ‘Lift one another with Kindness
– Pure Love Expressed’... but, instead of ‘the usual count’,
we orchestrate it at the moment of 8am ~ and again,
at the moment of 8pm.


        The Earth's natural rotation creates the
       ‘ S y n c h r o n i z e d   G l o b a l   W a v e '
       on each respective eght o'clock
(am and pm local times)
       forming a complete and tangible
'Wave Ring' around
       the world
, from our conscious 'Unified State of Kindness'             The ‘Waves of Kindness’ embracing the world  and all its
        inhabitants on a continuous rotation
intensifies and magnifies
        the Realization and Celebration
of the Inherent Goodness in All.

 We invite all to join Kindred Hearts worldwide at our '8:am
 Moments' and, '8:pm Moments' – with your 'Thoughts or Acts

 of Kindness – every day, wherever you may be.
 [ Each 'Moment' could be a few seconds or more -- entirely up to You ]

        The Profound Presence of Our Collective thoughts and acts
        of Kindness resonates and permeats with the Truth in All,
        thus, IS FELT BY ALL .
         Those who choose to participate are likely living most of every

moment of everyday in Kindness. However, the synergistic effect of our synchronized conscious unified actions and intentions will always be the most effective way in reconditioning the energetic footprint of humanity's momentary lapses from our truth (Pure Love and Kindness), thus, accelerating the quantum momentum towards a broader and deeper experience / cognizance / realization / expression of our Perfect Truth. 


 There are many who choose to particpate with our synchronized
'8/8 moments' -- with pure intent to do it 'in service of others'...
only to be 'ecstatically surprised' for personally being a recipient
of a 'tangible and profound lifting', peaceful and  blissful feeling
and experience, from being aligned with the synergy of Kindness
~ from the Ambassadors of Kindness worldwide !!!

For those who choose to experience our daily 'Blissful Alignments'
of Kindred Hearts worldwide,
please set your prime ‘reminder(s)’...
may it be your watches, clocks, cell-phones, and/or computers,

to remind yourself of the ‘8:am and 8:pm Kindness Moments’.

We celebrate the magnified effect of the profound presence
of our collective thoughts and acts of kindness - which resonates
and embraces the world and the inherent Goodness in
All of Life. 

Each energizes the Whole, as the Whole energizes Each...

Y O U R   P R E S E N C E   I S   I N V A L U A B L E  ! ! !

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' E N C O M I U M '  - The above black and white pencil drawing of clouds is
image from an original pencil drawing by artist jaime corpus reyes, which is presently
in the private collection of legendary Holywood producers Lili and Richard Zanuck.

N O T E : The artist jaime corpus reyes, is also a painter, scuptor, poet, philosopher,
musician, humanitarian and the author / founder
of 'Waves Of Kindness Global Initiative'.