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We encourage all Waves of Kindness Ambassadors (those who have officialy 'endorsed' the Global Initiative on this site), to share a brief personal experience -- whether it is from your acts or thoughts of kindness and/or inspiration.

Our objective is to share your kind efforts and/or positive experiences or insight,
to inspire, encourage and promote the realization of our Eternal 'OS' (Operating System / One Spirit).

By sending your experience to us, you agree to have your submission published if selected to be a featured Ambassador on this site.

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A m b a s s a d o r   o f   t h e   M o m e n t  

Nicola Jackman

"We are so excited that we've found you, truly inspiring...
we are a charity based in South Africa... actively
inspiring and enthusing joy and kindness for 11years.
We have been sharing joy in hospitals and challenging ourselves
to truly step UP & be humanKIND (both).

We've launched a global campaign last year called ARK (Acts of Remarkable Kindness) ... inspiring folk to build ARKS out of their kindness acts and sharing them to inspire others to do the same.

The #joymoVement is South African rooted organization with passion of enthusing, love, joy and kindness in all. Active since 2003 in South Africa this inspired charity has over 80 volunteers committed to regular kindness as #CareClowns in hospital. Recently they launched a game called #ARK (Acts of RemARKable Kindness)... Inspiring folk around the world to step UP and be the SOUL-u-tion as they commit to doing and sharing Acts of Kindness. For more info go to www.theup.org.za or google #joymoVement

Finding ALL of you in Waves of Kindness has inspired us to the next level to become Ambassadors of Kindness here too.


Nicola Jackman ~ Ambassador of Kindness
( Waves Of Kindness’ State Ambassador for South Africa )
Actress * Performing Heartist * Joy Catalyst
Co-creator of MAfrika – TheUP – LooneyVerse #joymoVement

 P r e v i o u s l y   F e a t u r e d   A m b a s s a d o r s :

 Mary Flaner Halverson

“In meditation i have been hearing, MY LIFE IS DIVINELY GUIDED, with that awareness so deep, I awaken at a still point of center and knowing, there, a portal of light opens like a womb and I hear the call to go forward on the Waves of Kindness .... MY LIFE IS DIVINELY GUIDED, IN EACH MOMENT OF NOW, I WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO.


~ Mary Flaner Halverson, Ambassador of Kindness

Dr. Richard  Van Donk Ph.D

“I am looking for conscious souls that choose to act together in synergistic ways to transform and transcend individual and global issues into a holistic sustainable world.

A world where people help people. A world where kindness replaces anger. A world where people respect each other regardless of religion, political preference or race. A world where all people are fed, clothed, sheltered, and loved.

Am I dreaming YES, and through a unified effort we all can live it. You and I live on the same planet and we share the same responsibility for it's future. Join US in energy, resources, talent, and unified action for changing even one life at a time.

My primary theme is Make It Better… I invite you to Become a Life Changer… Change Yourself to Change the World.

To me the first wave of kindness starts inside my own heart and gets shared each time I give a loving thought towards others.”

~ Dr. Richard Van Donk, Ambassador of Kindness
‘GrandMaster’ (Marshal Arts)

Author of “Creating Your Life the Way You Want It” and “Living the Spiritual Path”


Dr. Mehelinda Sison Ph.D.

"These are times of great upheavals the world over; touching lives of ALL of GOD's Creation...The suffering is everywhere... seen instantly and the moaning heard... In all these, we witness moments of anguish, we become part of the pain...

THESE ARE MOMENTS... the promise of each day...

WE HAVE A GIFT TO SHARE with each other...

Thank you for this Inspired Thought, Acted upon... GOD BLESS!"

~ Dr. Mehelinda Sison, Ambassador of Kindness
( Waves Of Kindness’ State Ambassador for Philippines ) 

At the core of Dr Sison’s professional practice is her fundamental belief that
"The SELF is the foundation of development, peace, prosperity and unity".
It is anchored upon an 'inner knowing' that she has personally pursued, and continues to develop ~ "... the essence and process of personal transformation, a personal response to the challenge of universal peace
and Oneness with the Divine."

Dr. Sison was included in the Who’s Who of American Women & World Notables; and in the Two Thousand Women of Achievement.


Christine Athena Ridgeway   

“The ripple effect of the ‘waves’ that we are creating
will change [humanity] forever.

We have the ability to energize the skies and share this knowledge and movement unlike any other time before. This lifetime as with many others are all culminated for this moment.”

~ Christine Athena Ridgeway, Ambassador of Kindness


Contessa Miller

“ M y   r e l i g i o n   i s   L o v e . . .    

it has no rules and regulations, all are included, it is present always and needs no brick and mortar building, I don't visit it weekly, it is my life, I don't have to pay to enjoy it or partake in it ritually, there are no chants to memorize, no affirmations to repeat, but its benefits to me and my life are innumerable and free. It honors only itself in connection with all else that exists and as I embrace it, it embraces me and all those around me. I do not pray to it, or it to me, but rather honor it and it is all I or this world needs.....

All concepts and thought systems that express the oneness/unity of all life, including plant, animal, and mineral life. We must ascend attachment to identities and labels that we have learned. Attachment to these various identities; for example, race, color, religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc., etc. has caused only disunity, violence, and insanity throughout mankind's history. We are the rainbow that beautifies our Earth.

I vow to walk the Path of inner Light and Awareness, to seek knowledge and wisdom in order to help others. I am a Rainbow Light Warrior, Sundancer, a person who honors all teachings, ways, paths and medicines, accepting none above another, knowing all but dedicating myself to the One through those paths that have Heart for me.

I pledge to embrace and heal the distortions of fear, clarity, power, old age, disease, death, intolerance and superstitions that repress the Inner Light of the Sacred Human.

I vow to honor the Women, the Children and the Men in whatever way possible to help them find their own Inner Light. I will use as tools the Light, the Pipe, the Sacred crystals and the Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit on the journey towards union with All That Is.”

~ Contessa Miller, Ambassador of Kindness  
Humanist,'Light Spreader'


Wanda L. Sohonyay 

"How wonderful it is to live in a world with Love, and
experience all the gifts of the Spirit ~ joy, peace, happiness…

Kindness is the expression of Love from our Hearts.

Love allows us to receive the gifts of the Spirit that are given freely
to all of us… and for all of us to give freely to each other.

Waves of kindness is a wave of energy that goes out like the pebble
in the pond and touches the hearts of all who come to visit
and spread the message.

Let the Spirit guide us to be the expression of Love to all mankind.

Grace abides for us All."

~ Wanda L. Sohonyay, Ambassador of Kindness


Jonathan Yudis 

O n e   B i l l i o n   O m s  ~  1  2 . (2  1)  2  2 . 1  2
“What would happen if a Billion people were all unified in meditation,
prayer, and celebration through a single sound vibration at the same time?

Everyone around the world is invited to meditate, pray for peace, 
and co-create the sound vibration of OM at the exact same time for 3 minutes (simultaneously around the world) on 12.22.12.” [12.21.12 in some countries]

~ Jonathan Yudis, Ambassador of Kindness
Founder/Facilitator of 'One Billion Oms'

Jonathan Yudis, the Founder of One Billion Oms and a Co-Founder of
the Maui Spiritual Congress, Sacred Earth Assembly & Temple of Peace ~
which were our partners in the previous 11.11.11 Waves Of Kindness
Global Celebration.

In 1993, Jonathan experienced a series of spiritual awakenings, initiating
an ongoing process of present moment awareness that profoundly
inspires his artistic vision, personal & professional life.

It was then that he first received a vision for a 'Global Meditation Day'which
has blossomed into One Billion Oms, a global initiative designed to co-create
the world’s largest simultaneous meditation in history on12/22/12.

Jonathan presented and read the Waves Of Kindness “Declaration of Being”
during the previous global broadcast of the “Maui Spiritual Congress” event,
and he will do the same for the upcoming celebration ~ “Rebirth 2012”.

Let us all promote this blessed and profound event and grace it with
our conscious and radiant presence !!!

Note: Inspired and always inspiring – Jonathan Yudis was already featured as an 'Ambassador of the Moment' last year with his quote: “LOVE USK & MMM !!! I am interested and willing to co-create, organize, and oversee the 11-11-11 CONCERT EVENTS on the island of Maui, Hawaii (where I live.) I've really been appreciating my daily acts of kindness!!! Aloha”

[USK~ United State of Kindness; MMM ~ Moment + Moment = Momentum]

Mathues Imhotep

Decoding ‘Waves of Kindness’

"8AM – 8PM  [ Sychronized Kindness Moments ]
The numerical value of 8 is eleven.
The value of 8 is manifestations/abundance/power.
The value of 11 is Master Healer and Christ Consciousness.

8 / 11 harmonizes into Self-Love and Kindness.  (8+1+1-10/1)

8 / 8 is also then 11 / 11, which is the activation of our DNA, 
as a transformation sequence; awakening our infinite divine pure love
in the sacred space between the male and female as ONE!

11+11=22, Twenty-two is the master number for the Master Builder/Architect
and Master Teacher.

8 / 8 is the master number for “System Rebuilding or Divine Restoration”
a transmutation and transformation of Power into grace & ease
of divine synergy; the balance of the mind and heart.

The time sequence we now embrace is a divine moment indeed,
one that is most Auspicious in our entire reality creation;
the precipice of the next Golden Age.

It is with conscious awareness that we face this most awaited time. There is no
Single more potent and important quality than the use of kindness in this creation.

It is through kindness and compassion that we ease the transition into our next
dimensional reality.  Kindness and compassion are two sides of the same coin. 

These two virtues foster unconditional love, in all we see/do and experience.

The universe is a great mirror and what we project to her is magnified back to us
Times ten.  The Egyptians said, “We come from the Stars and we shall return to
the Stars.”  And “We are Stars!”  thus the soul/eye is the window to this golden
light/Heart energy; for when we perform acts of kindness we ingratiate ourselves
into the Heart of the one most sacred high Creator through all Souls/Hearts/Eyes
= Stars as She’s all ONE!

The Kindness we give and open to receive is amplified via this time/sequence lens of 8 / 8 and our collective intention manifest.

May my own eternal soul heart of compassion and unconditional love now flow out to you as you open to these words/numbers/frequencies.  I look forward to the energy exchange and waves of this pure kind divine love flow as this divine
frequency of “US” is transmitted to each Divine Reflection in this eternal moment!

May our infinite energy wave of kindness/compassion express our unlimited
unconditional pure oversoul creative love force to all NOW!


KINDNESS has the value of 5.  The esoteric value of FIVE is Love/Freedom!

The Gnostic Jesus said, “Tell me, if a person does not know how to love God,
how will he be able to love himself?  And how will he be able to love others
if he is not able to love himself?  I tell you the truth, that whoever has found
a true friend has found one of the delights of Paradise – No! More than that –
for such a one is a key to Paradise.” ~ Gospel of Barnabus, Gnostic Scriptures.

KINDNESS is the KEY to the inner door of the ETERNAL HEART LIGHT!


The time/sequence of the total crown chakra awakening!

The activation of the 7th Chakra!

8+8=16/7 (Waves=7 and Acts=7)

EYE = 8
EYE = 8

INFINITE SIGHT!!  As we open all our eyes and third eye sight/awareness to receive our higher wisdom and go online with our DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS!


Insight = 8

(Inspired by the knowledge of meta-numerology as delivered in his book series)

~ Mathues Imhotep, Ambassador of Kindness
( Waves Of Kindness’ State Ambassador for USA )
Author of the book "The 7th Seal, Hidden Wisdom Unveiled".


Michelle Anderson   

"Tears of Gratitude are pouring from my eyes in this Sacred Moment as I feel the Purity of your Intentions for all of Humanity and our Beloved Mother Earth! THANK YOU for ALL you are doing to assist with the Awakening of so many Souls to the REmembering of our Eternal Heart's Knowing... LOVE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, JOY, HARMONY, PEACE & ABUNDANCE are leading the way to TRUE FREEDOM where our Hearts can Soar on the wings of Infinite Possibilities as we return to our Heart of ONE...

As each of us is Lifted, all Life is Lifted with Us.. Simple acts of Kindness take no effort, only the willingness to TRUST our Inner Guidance.

One of my favorite 'Kindness' Stories:

I was making a quick stop at the local market and ran into two friends I hadn't seen in a while. They were engaged in a conversation and neither one of them knew that I knew each of them separately and that element of surprise was upon us all. I gave each of them a hug and we shared a laugh. A passerby made the comment that our hugging each other touched her. She was an elderly woman using a walking aid and I sensed she was sad, so I went over to her and said with a smile, "Well, how about YOU join our hugging party?" and I gave her a hug. Her face lit up with JOY and she told me how special it was to receive a hug because she lived alone and didn't get hugged very often. Boy, that prompted another HUG for this truly beautiful soul who was so grateful to be on the receiving end of a hug filled with LOVE.

Kindness is simply following our hearts as we touch others...

Waves of Radiant Love and Oceans of Deep Peace to You."

~ Michelle Anderson, Ambassador of Kindness
A Circle of Radiant Love


Susan Mae Marchu

“Years ago I had the great opportunity to study with 2 metaphysicians, they asked nothing of me – they only foretold that when the time came, when I was needed to help on the higher levels of truth and for humanity that I would do so. For years I have felt the growing urgency in my heart and was confident that at the right time I would make a connection to the right network of like minded people. Thank You for creating the path and leading the way. I will certainly give all I have, for my love of this earth, the universe and all in it, is infinite.

I just have to say, since I have committed to the 8am & 8pm Waves OfKindness, my Spirit has been lifted, it is as if a multiplication effect is in the works within me, the more I give Love, the more I live Love.

I am Thankful and Proud to be a part of this Global Initiative of Love and Peace! I Love my Job, being an Ambassador of Kindness!!! Spread the Love... "

~ Susan Mae Marchu, Ambassador of Kindness

Brigitte Buny 

“I am honored to be a part of Waves of Kindness… WE are all spirits having a human experience. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings are energy vibrations.

We are in control of our thoughts, emotions, feelings, directions in life. All souls on this planet are unique even though there are billions of Humans on this earth. We have to look within our selves and feel our core truth, live and operate from our hearts truly, have the confidence and the belief in ourselves that we are enough, treat people that come into our path with respect, kindness, unconditional love, and forgiveness.

We all have a purpose in life and that is to live fully with love & joy.”

~ Brigitte Buny, Ambassador of Kindness
( Waves Of Kindness’ State Ambassador for Thailand )
Actress, Humanitarian


Kathleen Bernard 

“A kind thought or gesture raises our vibration instantly. 

Kindness soothes the mind and heart yet immediately uplifts both the giver and the receiver.  One moment of kindness can change a person’s life and enhance your own.

We are humbled by a compassionate word or deed, and in that moment we connect to each other in a very deep and profound way.

Let us all join each other in unified consciousness at the 8am/8pm ‘Kindness Moments’  - and remember to always come from kindness at every opportunity.”

~ Kathleen Bernard, Ambassador of Kindness  


Surf Reyes 

“Through the simple practice of appreciation, of consciously experiencing the essential miracle in everything around us do we unveil our inner child and open the portals of our hearts to rediscover who we really are as the manifest children of the Spirit Of Universal Love!

Appreciation is the beginning of love, peace, compassion, kindness... which invariably leads to service, in the presence of opportunity.”

~ Surf Reyes, Ambassador of Kindness
( Waves Of Kindness’ State Ambassador for Philippines )
Director of "The Film Gym" at the Film Academy of the Philippines


Lynne Dee

“I have heard this said quite often ...."being kind starts with being kind to ourselves, then it extends out to others". I have found this to be true in my own experience. And a  little kindness goes a long way.

Sometimes it is the smallest thing we can do that makes a huge difference in other's lives. Perhaps it is a smile to a stranger or a simple good morning or paying a compliment. I know it makes me feel good to exchange a smile or a hello with those I pass on the street as I make my way to the nearby park for my daily yoga practice or hike.

I set my intention every day to show kindness to both myself and others in any way I can so as to be a part of the flow of good vibrations that circulate in my  neighborhood. I take responsibility for my energy which in turn influences others.”

~ Lynne Dee, Ambassador of Kindness


Diana Bernardes

 “Just when i submitted my commitment to this 'movement" the energy flowing through me is the affirmation of the resonating waves that I have foreseen a long time ago.  I can't contain my excitement as images and words that I have been saying but were taken as blabberings of an insane mind is finally taking shape.

I am full of joy as I see the day unfold when this world has indeed become a world full of love and peace. 

The thought waves [as a collective] is a huge channel of intentions becoming real and intentions shaping what and how this world will become soon... we all can shape it the way it should and must be so our children will feel nothing but love... ”

~ Diana Bernardes, Ambassador of Kindness


  Stephen Adelman

      "the world is one, all alone
       in a galaxy of many, the true unknown
       we offer, kindness and peace
       expecting galactic release
       from chaos and turbulence
       we learn from others
       we learn from ourselves
       the day is upon us, 11,11,11
       make it your day
       make it our day
       agents of change
       embrace the waves of kindness"

~ Stephen Adelman, Ambassador of Kindness
President, CSR Initiatives, Manzimvula Ventures, Inc.


Dane Stevens

"What a simply profound and wonderfully effective idea!
 I love it.

The connecting of thoughts - energy, will create a great momentum
and the wave will begin to take on a life of it's own.
One that is our nature, one love united.

I can't wait to start doing this and sharing it with everyone too!
Thank you for taking the initiative and putting this into action.

Life has been set up so magnificently,you cannot help others without in turn helping yourself"

~ Dane Stevens, Ambassador of Kindness
Founder/Director, One Life Forum

Jay Koiwai

"It is a wondrous site and applaud the individual effort to 'increase the peace' through each individual act & thought of kindness @ specific times. 

I too believe the ritual will have a resounding, resonating Universal impact to increase the positive, unifying forces beyond our planet and bring about greater harmony to accomodate the next cycle of human evolution.

Thank you for creating this site.  I will definitely pass it on."

~ Jay Koiwai, Ambassador of Kindness


Arlan Berglas

“There’s a movement gaining momentum everyday
and it’s global! It’s about mentoring, inspiring, and
empowering one another  to realize we can all make a
positive difference; simply by passing on kind acts and
good deeds.

Learning your purpose is your energy source to promote kindness
and pass your love forward"

~ Arlan Berglas, Ambassador of Kindness
Mentor Connector, 'Love it Forward'; Executive Director,
'We, The World'; Director of Global Development, 'World Peace One'

Robert K.J. Wu

"The waves of kindness are like the waves of the Tao
flowing through consciousness and uplifting humanity’s
vibratory frequency so that it is more harmonious with
the imminent changes that are now upon us and the planet.

As we enter into this phase of transition, we are witnessing many earth
changes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters.
Some may suggest that these changes confirm the negative prophecies of an
apocalypse in 2012. However, they may just be a natural process of the earth
clearing stuck energies and adjusting her own body for the higher frequencies
that are occurring on the planet.

The more that we are able to increase humanity’s consciousness
and vibration to be in sync with that of Mother Earth, the more likely we will be
able to avert the tumultuous changes that have been predicted.

By participating in the waves of kindness, each of us is making a big difference
and contribution to uplifting the consciousness of humanity on a collective basis.
In doing so, we are ensuring the peaceful and harmonious transition of our future."

~ Robert Kuang Ju Wu, Ambassador of Kindness
Modern Taoist Master and Author of the book “So Now,
So Tao: A Taoist Approach to Harmonic Wealth”.


 Larry J. Sommers

"When you meet someone and you greet them with a warm smile, look them in the eyes, and then utter a kind thought, you're on your way to having a friend for life."

~ Larry J. Sommers, Ambassador of Kindness
Chairman, SUMS Intl. 


Lee M. Feehan

"This is fantastic, I can feel the movement already, and like I had said on the phone earlier, we are already a part of this movement and, no matter how small our individual roles may appear, on the global stage it will be significant and HUGE to those who will benefit from us. You can count me in on the 8's. Peace."

~ Lee M. Feehan, Ambassador of Kindness
AFW Financial Group,LLC.


 Susan Lesica

"I love the USK concept!  Many years ago, I was a "founder" in the NYC region for Random Acts of Kindness...this is a wonderful concept and since 8 has always been my favorite number (infinity), a gentle reminder to stop and pause in our busy days. I passed USK on to a friend that's active in The Kabbalah Center in Manhattan and asked her to join in and pass on the word....she's such a good person, that the message will pass into her hands and hopefully onto others."

~ Susan Lesica, Ambassador of Kindness
President, TTMEarthCapitalGroup

Meghan Amaral 

Daughter of Waves Of Kindness Ambassadors, Edward and Adri Amaral.“… I’m sixteen years old, a sophomore and president of the Best Buddies program at Edison High School. The Best Buddies program entails some of the students who join take care of students that are "special needs" students by spending time with them during school, or after school. Some of our SAC- (Special Abilities Cluster) student’s cases are more severe than others, Last year my buddy was the most severe of them all... She was unable to speak, walk, move, or eat on her own. During my lunches I would feed her, clean her, help change her, read to her, take her on walks around the school her in wheel chair, attend church events with her and her family, and had my friends in the choir class sing her a song because she loved music. Unfortunately, some of the students end up abandoning their buddies because it’s too difficult for them, so I end up ‘adopting’ their Best Buddies...so, I currently have five Buddies and spend the most time with them as I can. The idea is to see people with Special Needs for their abilities and not their disabilities.

During my lunches, I also make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the local homeless shelter... And with our ceramics and wood shop class, we make handmade toys for local orphanages in Orange County.

Helping others is something everyone should do.  We’re all her for a purpose!  I believe that living in a bubble or in your own world... teaches you NOTHING about the real world... giving back, and giving your love time and energy will touch your heart in such away... there truly aren’t words to describe the experience it gives you.

I hope more teenagers will help reach out to anyone in need, and start thinking of others… because the sooner you set yourself into that mentality & attitude, you'll grow into a finer adult and more mature person with more experiences that help you grow in gratitude for life!

~ Meghan Amaral, Ambassador of Kindness


Adri Amaral

"... PR Coordinator for Home4aCause -- a Real Estate based program that makes it possible to donate much needed funds to humanitarian causes as well as charities, foundations and schools.  Our friend Leo Goldschwartz is the Realtor that created the program from a deep desire to give back and pay it forward.

I believe this type of positive karma can change the world one person at a time, one family a time, one community or village at a time and so on.... The program is simple.  The Realtor donates 50% of his commission to the Charity or Cause of his clients choice, in the name of his client or a honoree. I enjoy working for Home4aCause and sharing the program with many local and global charities! 

Kindness is essential today more than ever, we all need to practice kindness and kindness lends to giving, giving to gratitude and gratitude to peace!  Wishing you much peace!"

~ Adri Amaral, Ambassador of Kindness   

Cynthia Solomon

"[Waves of Kindness] Moment + Moment = Momentum, comes from Divine inspiration. Close your eyes and imagine everyone in the world pausing for a brief moment at the specified time, to say or send a kind thought.  The impact will create a shift in consciousness blessing everyone. Kindness is the universal act that crosses all boundaries without caring what your skin color, body size, gender, country, or religion.  Creating respect, harmony and joy.  If you truly want others to learn more about you, your thoughts, and beliefs, kindness is the perfect invitation.

Together we are making the most beautiful amazing shift the world has or will see. Make the commitment to be part of this vibrational change.  Lift your mind and heart; make our World a better place for all now and in the future.

This is the ultimate act of Pay it Forward! Thank you My Beautiful Friend for creating Waves of Kindness. I am blessed to be a part of it."

~ Cynthia Solomon, Ambassador of Kindness
Humanitarian / Founder Director, Our Divine Journey, LLC.


Adele Tartaglia

 “... your wonderful site is so tremendous in aiding the spread of kindness on the planet. I love the approach you took. God Bless you. Be the Peace...

If you're absorbed by undefined awareness... Flow in alignment with the universe... And are devoted to the planet and its creatures... Realize your dreams for complete unity... And a life immersed in loving kindness.

~ Adele Tartaglia, Ambassador of Kindness
Interfaith Minister, Bd Cert Therapist


Edward Michael Amaral

" As so many of our [Jaime] conversations have experienced, I felt the company of Angels as I read through the Waves of Kindness site. It is obviously Powerfully Inspired and full of Wonderful Intent that will bring a lasting positive impact to Life!"

~ Edward M. Amaral, Ambassador of Kindness

Roger D. Anderson

".... it epitomizes the feelings that our family has about and towards the world and how we can try to implement living in a better place if we all come together. There is a '”feel-good” aspect to it."

~ Roger D. Anderson, Ambassador of Kindness


 Richard Thorne

"Is KINDNESS an overrated ubiquitous human commodity in a world bent on self-destruction?  I think not.  If anything, it is short supply, which makes it rare and hidden treasure among us. 

It’s time to mine the minds and hearts of men everywhere, and cultivate the gem of kindness and courtesy, which is the shortest distance between two people.

Indeed, kindness is a language the dumb can speak and the blind can see and the deaf can hear and understand.  ~   Courtesy gives its owner a passport round the world.  It transmutes aliens into trusting friends.  ~  For I have found in all the affairs of life, social as well as political, courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.  ~  What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?  ~  Therefore, to adorn our characters by the charm of an amiable nature shows at once a lover of beauty and a lover of man.  ~   Alas, we may scatter the seeds of courtesy and kindness about us at little expense.  Some of them will fall on good soil, and grow up into benevolence in the minds of others, and all of them will bear ripe fruit of happiness in the bosom whence they spring.  And that is kindness for all to savor and consume.  ~  Courtesy is doing that which nothing under the sun makes you do but human kindness.  I have witnessed it many times.  Courtesy springs from the heart; if the mind prompts the action, there is a reason; if there be a reason, it is not courtesy, for courtesy has no reason.  Courtesy is good will, and good will is prompted by the heart full of love to be kind.  Only the generous man is truly courteous.  He gives freely without a thought of receiving anything in return.  ~  Then let it be said clearly – what one thing does the world need most today - apart, that is, from the all-inclusive thing we call righteousness?  Aren’t you inclined to agree that what this old world needs is just the art of being kind? 

The habit of being uniformly considerate toward others will bring increased happiness to all.  As we put into  practice the qualities of patience, punctuality, sincerity and solicitude, we will have a better opinion of the world about us.  ~  After years of living with the coldest realities I still believe that one reaps what one sows and that to sow kindness is the best of all investments.  I have three precious things I hold fast and value.  The first is gentleness; the second is frugality; the third is humility, which keeps me from putting myself before others.  Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be generous; avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men.  ~  One difference between savagery and civilization is a little courtesy and a generous dose of kindness. There’s no telling what a lot of both would do.  ~  Among the qualities of mind and heart which are conducive to worldly success, there is one, the importance of which is more real, and which is generally underrated in our day.... it is kindness.  Wherever there is a human being there is a chance for kindness.  ~  A shepherd in a far off land a long time ago, once wrote these words:  Let me hear thy loving-kindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee. –Psalms 143.   ~  Be ye kind, one to another."

~ Richard Thorne, Ambassador of Kindness

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