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  We, Who Have Chosen to Be and Live ‘Unconditional Kindness’,
    from all creeds, from all nations, from all languages, from all ages,
    and from all walks of life
. . .  

  •         ‘The Waves’ Inspiration
  •         ‘The Waves’ Resonation
  •         ‘The Waves’ Critical Mass Equation
  •         ‘The Waves’ Octave
  •         ‘The Waves’ Pro-motions

'The Waves' Inspiration :

Within everyone's innermost being is an 'ever present inspiration' - expressing One's Truth, which is Pure Love.

Jaime  Corpus  Reyes  
Artist; Author / Founder, Waves of Kindness Global Initiative

whatever occupies our minds evokes influence on our actions, and even by itself as thought forms/vibrations,
lends to its manifestation in our physical/worldly state.

burning is the flame of divine love and inspiration
that dwells within our heart of hearts . . .

gather the flow of its light unto the midst of our minds,
and behold the emergence of an enlightened world. 

Our thoughts, intentions, actions and emotions, thus our consciousness, are all 'energies'. The state of our community, country, and world is established by our collective energy or consciousness. Our inner environment is the cause of our outer environment.

        when we immerse our thoughts in accord with the truth 
        of our hearts, then Pure Love shall flow ~ thus realized
        and expressed in our Beloved Home/Earth in its fullness.

The impetus is for us to ‘synchronize’ our intents
and efforts to uplift and be uplifted --
that we may be more efficient in manifesting the realization
of a kind, harmonious and peaceful world.

The directive is to establish a sustainable and UNIVERSAL initiative, wherein the participation is free, simple, fun, anywhere, by anyone.

We are all familiar with the principle of 'orchestrated unified effort' applied when a group of people are trying to lift ‘something big’.... "On the count of three, we all lift together… one, two...".

Using the same principle, let us ‘Lift one another with our Pure Love Expressed through Kindness’. And, instead of ‘the usual count’, we orchestrate it at the moment of 8: am and again, at the moment of 8:pm . (Each 'Moment' could vary from a few seconds to forever =) 

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'The Waves' Resonation :

Indeed our thoughts, attitudes, and emotions as humans
deeply impact the environment.

Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. Water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns.

The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health -- since half of the earth is water, and our body is three-quarters water.

'The Waves' Critical Mass Equation :

The 'Waves of Kindness' initiative can be a significant catalyst
in facilitating a 'Global Shift' to a kinder and more peaceful humanity.

“...for centuries, prophets and sages have suggested that one tenth of one percent of humanity, working together in a unified effort, may shift the consciousness of the entire world (Gregg Braden - scientist, visionary and scholar).”

In today’s world of approximately 6 billion people, one-tenth of one percent is about 6 million people—just about ¾ of the population of Los Angeles.

We encourage all  to invite other potential Ambassadors by sending the 'Waves of Kindness' website address via email, facebook, twitter, etc.


'The Waves' Octave (8) :

 The basic UNIVERSAL pattern of geometry is eightfold.
This underlying geometry is confirmed by mathematicians,
scientists and a wide variety of spiritualists.

Harmonic Convergence happens when a collective of people take time to gather in positive intention/meditation/action -- 'Waves of Kindness'. Harmony itself is an expression of the musical octave, which shows itself even in the smallest unit of matter. It is now known that every atom strives to combine with other atoms in patterns that will give it a complete component of eight electrons in its outermost shell.

As refferenced by Dennis William Hauck in his book, The Emerald Tablet, 'When a highly respected priest and teacher of the ancient Hawaiian Huna religion was asked what was the meaning of the number eight -- since the number was the key to all and had to do with the stars -- he said the pattern was known to Hawaiians as Kaha’ewalui’a’aokalani, or the “Life Force of Eight.”

The Egyptian Octad, or eight qualities of creation, were worshipped in the temples of Hermopolis, where Thoth was regarded as the head of the Group of Eight and was responsible for enabling them to come into existence. Thoth is also credited with inventing the musical octave and embedding it in the mathematics of the universe.

The sacred name of Hermopolis, Khemenu, means the “City of Eight,” and is possibly the origin of our word “alchemy.” According to the ancient Egyptian papyri, the ultimate act of creation was the Eighth, which returned directly to the One.

In Ancient Chinese cosmology, the Great Flood was caused by the powers of Eight, and it became known as the Holy Number. Chinese philosophers also spoke of the Eight Winds of Creation and tied them to the eight trigrams of the I Ching from which all possible combinations of reality can be derived. These forces were alternatively expressed as the Eight Pillars that held up the canopy of heaven and the Eight Gates of the rains.

Many Tibetan mandalas are geometric patterns generated by the number eight, and the popular system of Feng Shui is based on the octagon.

Like the Eight Precious Items of Confucius, Buddhism has its Eightfold Way, yoga its Eightfold path, Sufism its Eight Sentences of the Path of Junayd, and Christianity the Eight Beatitudes of Christian Service given by Christ in his Sermon on the Mount. The guidelines of modern worship are still filtered through the Egyptian Group of Eight.

We find the same hidden Octad in the eight-spoked wheel of Dharma and throughout the life of Buddha. In other Eastern religions, the Octad is represented in the 108 names of the goddess or in all the 88,000 chakras in human body.

In the Mithraic mysteries, there exists an unspoken Eighth Gate known as the “Mountain of Transubstantiation” that leads to a luminous realm beyond the seven major gates of initiation.

According to Muslim belief, there are seven hells and eight heavens, which can be seen in the eightfold layout of gardens and books in Iran and Muslim India.

The magnificent octagonal Tower of the Winds built by the Athenians is another example of the Eight Winds that determine total reality, and the final act in the Eleusinian Mysteries came on the sacred eighth day. The horse of the god Wodan, who is considered the German counterpart of Hermes, has eight legs, and in other cultures around the world, an eight-legged horse carries shamans on their journey to the Other Side.

Eight-spoked medicine wheels are how Native Americans mark sacred places of outdoor worship.

In Judaism, the Feast of the Tabernacles is on the eighth day. Eight people were saved from the Flood, and the archetypal city Jerusalem has eight gates. In Christianity, the eighth day of the Passion is when Christ’s resurrection took place, an event known as the Eighth Day of Creation.

This sacred geometry is incorporated into octagonal pulpits, fountains, baptismal fonts, and in church architecture. “Eight are the temple’s walls,” wrote the Bishop of Milan (St. Ambrose) in De Bono Mortis (On the Goodness of Death, 380 C.E.). “Oh number worthy of holy actions performed at the spot! Eight are the walls of the font, mystical shape that covers the rites of the Water---rites for the saving of man---mystical number of Eight.”

Early Christian theologians taught that there were seven levels to heaven, but the highest was with God on the eighth. The Gnostics also believed in a God of eight parts---four pairs of opposing qualities.

In the Near East, the fertility goddess Ishtar was symbolized by an eight-pointed star, which in early Christianity was appropriated to represent the Virgin Mary. In the Catholic alpine nations, her symbol, even today, is the white, eight-pointed Edelweiss flower.

Gernot of Rechersberg, medieval German philosopher, said: “Eight, as the first perfect cube [2 (to the third)], imprints us in body and soul with the security of eternal beatitude.” The Greeks knew that the square of any odd number above one is a multiple of eight plus one, thus confirming in esoteric math the Egyptian Octad plus Thoth.

Eight is considered an auspicious number even in modern times. In depth psychology, eight is the number of individuation, it represents the wholeness of the personality, and it is generally considered the number of good fortune.

In today’s Periodic Table of Elements, all known elements are arranged according to their atomic weights and naturally fall into eight categories of similar properties, and all of material reality is expressed in just seven rows of eight elements.

The Octad keeps recurring in our reality because it is a fundamental archetype on all levels of creation. Physically, psychologically, and spiritually, the number Eight drives the hidden processes of transformation. The secret Eighth was a basic component of Hermetic doctrine since the beginning and has been openly incorporated into a number of esoteric disciplines.

The Spiritual Work founded by Russian Georg Gurdjieff centers around his Law of Octaves. The octave is indeed the basic vibration of the whole universe, from the music of the spheres to the music that resonated below in human beings. On the average, the voices of men, women, and children vary from one another in whole octaves, and much of the phenomena around us can be interpreted in terms of the vibrations of the seven tones of the musical scale. Alternatively, Gurdjieff called his rule the “Law of Seven” and recognized that the universal Seven Steps of Transformation always result in a new level of creation that is the Eighth.

The Eighth step is a second beginning, sometimes even a Second Body, organized on a higher level (or Octave) that represents the fulfillment of what the previous Seven Steps had prepared.

We now recognize this ancient sequence as the dance of life itself. In the division of every human cell, a process known as mitosis takes place that involves a sequence of the Seven Steps of Transformation resulting in an equal dividing of genetic material, and in the Eighth Step, the creation of a new Cell.

'The Waves' Pro-motions  :

'In-Kindness' service is the very Spirit that gives Life and sustainability to this Global Initiative that does not solicit nor accept funds. Thus, we are so grateful for all the In-Kindness services extended...

Media Participation ~

Television and Radio will serve as ‘additional reminders’ of the actual timing of the ‘Waves of Kindness Initiative’ – on a daily basis -- every 8: am and 8: pm .

TV and Radio Stations who would like to participate can ‘donate time’ – even for only 8 seconds a day (4 sec x 2 = 8 seconds) or even less, and be an official ‘Co-Creator/Ambassador’ of ‘Waves of Kindness’.

Television : 4-8 second message spots on ‘expressed kindness’ and/or endorsements of the USK, ‘Waves of Kindness Initiative’ by people from all walks and generations – which will include some major ‘celebrities’.

Radio : Same as the above mentioned for TV without the visual – ‘Waves of Kindness’ – a ‘global service announcement’ brought to you by...

Publications : Magazines and Newspapers – participants can relegate their own space and/or selected coverage of the ‘Waves of Kindness Initiative’.

All the above mentioned media venues can also open and set themselves to receive submissions from their own market niche and feature and/or create their own selected choices of ‘Shared Kindness’ ~ i.e. poetry, narratives or songs for radio and all the aforementioned, plus visuals for television or publications.

Philanthropists that are supportive of the Waves of Kindness Global Initiative can also directly facilitate ‘ad space’ for all the above medias.


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